Purpose in life

I just had an interesting thought.  For a long time I’ve been searching in vain to find “purpose” in my life.  Purpose is what we tell ourselves to make excuses for our existence.  I haven’t found mine but what about those of others?  I’m looking at the people I know and evaluating their purposes.  So far I am unable to determine what theirs is.  It looks like their purpose is to go to work so they can buy gas and drive around.

Let’s look at a few general excuses for purpose:

When asked, people will often say their purpose in life is to raise their kids.  Technically that IS a purpose but existentially, it is just something you are supposed to do when you have children.  It is expected but not always successful.  In the majority of cases the kid is a lost cause and the parent’s purpose was pointless.  Even if the kid is successful, you’ve just done what you are supposed to do.  So is that a real purpose in life?  No.  Fail!

People will sometimes say love is their purpose.  I have difficulty accepting love as an excuse.  Love is what you think you have when you find someone who makes your life bearable.  It’s kind of something we all do (except me).  Does something most people do qualify as purpose?  Maybe, in the same way that the purpose of rabbits is to make more rabbits.   Kind of boring and pointless in the big picture.  No, Love can’t be a purpose.

Those who fail at love and making genetic copies of themselves may say that volunteering is their purpose.   Helping others gives one satisfaction.   Hmm.  I’ve been doing that all my life and I am not experiencing satisfaction.  Am I helping people the wrong way?  It is something to do and passes the time but can it be your purpose?  I guess you could make it so.  Don’t seem very fulfilling though.  I’ll give it a “plausible”.

Making money has been said to be a purpose.  It’s a shallow and sad purpose but I guess some people might be in to it.  If you live on the Earth, making money is pretty much a necessity unless you are living in a small undiscovered tribe somewhere in the rainforest.  Since making money is something everyone does then it is a pretty lame purpose.  No.  Not a purpose.

Art could be a purpose.  It’s not something everyone can do.  Art is not necessary to live nor is it appreciated properly by most people.  In most cases it’s a waste of time.  Especially if you are doing it to make money.  Still, I’ll allow art to be a purpose although not mine nor that of most.

Could friends be your purpose?  No.  It’s just a way of passing time until something important comes along.  Besides, your friends are not like you in any way and are wasting your time.

Many of the things people might list as their purpose are shallow and material.  If that’s all you have then you might as well have never been born.  You’re just wasting air and water.

It could be that life has no purpose and we are just grasping at straws as we try to bring meaning to our lives.  Maybe life is just that.  Purposeless.  We sprang from the mud by accident and now we have to find something to do with the time we have.  If there is no purpose of life then we are wasting our time trying to find it.  Maybe all you have to do is experience life.  You don’t really have to make anything of it.  Purpose is the meaningless construct our society has placed upon us in order to keep us under control like nice little robots.  All making money and buying stuff.  It’s what makes this material world spin.  Those of us who can see outside of the Matrix but can’t get out live a life of frustration.  If anyone knows where the exit is, please let me know.  Your purposes aren’t working for me.

I think our purpose in life is not to have a purpose.  It is to do as we please and be happy.  I seriously can’t come up with anything better than that.  It’s what I want so maybe that is my purpose.   Too bad our society makes that so difficult to achieve.

Feel free to comment about your purpose.  I would like to hear your thoughts.