Solar Power now as easy as plugging it in.

I wanted to share this very exciting product with you because I think it has some ability to change the world by making solar power easy to get.  It is basically the same idea as my home built system but UL approved and super easy even for the non-technical person.

The company is called SpinRay Energy and they have combined a solar panel with a micro-inverter and end it with a 110v or 220v three prong plug that you just plug in like an appliance.  A reverse appliance that gives you free energy!

You can start with only a $999 investment for a single panel and inverter and add-on to the system as you see fit.  You can mount them to your deck, put them on your lawn or mount them to your roof.  Even a combination of all three depending on your location.

The cost is higher than a do it yourself system like mine but for the electrically challenged masses, it is a great way get into solar.  Their website is a bit lame but the basic information along with videos are there to help you chose your setup.  Be warned: Solar power is addictive.  The more you have the more you want.  At least get one for experimentation.  For 110v systems you can use a Kill-A-Watt meter to watch the power flow into your house.

You can thank me later.