Trip Report – Blue Lagoon and Emerald Lake

The Blue Lagoon

I just returned from a weekend trip to get away from the city.  My scuba buddy and I drove to the Blue Lagoon in Huntsville just north of Houston.  It was a long drive but we took the scenic route through small towns and some national forest.  It was a beautiful drive.

We got there Saturday afternoon and did a few dives.  The water looks clear and blue from the top but is quite cloudy underneath.  We could not see any further than about 10-15 feet.  That’s pretty good for South Texas diving so we still had a good time.  Diving is diving!

Emerald Lake

Sunday morning we left our motel and headed south about 40 miles towards Houston to Emerald Lake Resort.  It’s a small nudist park with a nice emerald colored lake.  We kayaked around the lake and floated around on air mattresses until our buts were far too burned.  Even using SPF50 sunscreen I am quite red all over.  Three hours is more than enough time to spend in the sun.  It will be a while before I can sit down comfortably again but it was totally worth it.  We had a great time.

After leaving the park I set my GPS for home and most use of freeways which took us through Houston.  Let me tell you that I am NOT impressed with Houston.  We drove for an hour and a half before getting out of the Coruscant style metropolis.  I don’t like big cities and Houston is FAR too big.  Some people can drive through multiple STATES in an hour and a half.  This was just one city!  Hated it!

After the additional three-hour drive back to San Antonio it is nice to be home again.  I’m not big on long drives and this proves it but in the end it was worth the trip.  Sometimes you just have to get away and diving and naked swimming is a great way to relax.  As a bonus tomorrow is Memorial day!  Yay!  Another day off.  I could get used to this.