is a scam

You see the commercial on TV all the time.  “See if someone is searching for you for free.” says

Don’t belive it!  Just for fun I went to the website and entered my name, age and zip code and it says 40 people are searching for me.  Now I KNOW for a fact that ZERO people are searching for me so this number is totally made up.

To get SLIGHTLY MORE information you have to supply your email address.  I used a fake address and it give you blurred out pictures and fake numbers and wants you to pay $15.00 for one month or a year for $7.00 a month.

I’m not falling for this.  Even if there are 40 people searching for someone my age with my name they are certainly NOT looking for me.  I wish I had come up with this scam myself.  I would probably be rich now feeding off the loneliness of the low IQ masses.  The Idea is excellent but the scam-based execution is useless.  If this was a serious website they would show you the people but require you join to get contact information.

So don’t fall for it.  Here’s another good reason not to waste your money on this website:  Facebook.  It’s free.  Send your $7.00 a month to  me instead.  I’ll use it much more wisely.