My Enchanted Water Heater

I have a magic water heater.  It lives in a closet out in the garage and provides me with free hot water all summer long even though it is set for pilot-only mode.

Last year I built a solar water heater but shortly afterwards I discovered that I didn’t need it. My enchanted appliance works just fine.  The magic isn’t strong enough during the winter so I have to turn it back on but during the summer I get almost scalding hot water for free.

It is quite old and I expect it to start leaking any minute but perhaps the magic will also keep that from happening.  I attribute some of the heat gain to be the fact that the summer weather in San Antonio hovers around 100 degrees during the day and no cooler than 80 at night.  That still doesn’t seem to be enough to heat the water to such a high temperature on its own.  Surely the pilot light is not doing it either.  I’m certainly not complaining.

If only I had an enchanted air conditioner…




Over the years I’ve watched the neighbor kids across the street turn from nice little boys into black teen thugs.  All I can say is, what a shame.  I wonder why that is still a thing.  You would think that by now thuggery would have gone out of style and people might want to make a better life for themselves.  Also, how could their parents allow it?  Reminds me of Trayvon Martin.

In a world where a minority struggles for equality they continue to stereotypicalize themselves and make life more difficult. Could it be that they enjoy the minority benefits that we continue to dole out regardless of reverse-discrimination?

I feel sorry for the kids but they choose their own path in life.  How sad.  I had better expectations for humanity.


Dreamblog – Stocking the Store

We were opening a large grocery store in the side of a mountain.  The merchandise had been delivered to the stock room and we were bringing it out and stocking the shelves.  I went back to pick up my next load when I saw the boss sitting in a chair by the doorway crying.  I asked her what was wrong and she said the job was too big.  We would never get it done.

Just then the ship that delivered the goods powered up and started to leave.  It was flying too low and the huge landing gear scraped along the floor pushing two columns of merchandise out the open hangar door to crash down the mountainside.

I turned to the boss and said, “Well, that will make it easier.”


I went back to my office which was now occupied by someone else.  My stuff had been moved to a new office in another building.  I looked for my bicycle in order to ride to my new office but couldn’t find it.  An auction was being held and my bike was one of the items.  I was pissed off and went up to the podium.  They guy thought I was buying the bike but I yelled at him for stealing it the grabbed it and left.



I think I am insane

OK.  The other day in a fit of loneliness I posted an ad on Craigslist with a nice long sincere description of what I was looking for in a friend.

Today I got a response from what sounds like someone who might be nicely compatible with myself but I am unable to get myself to write back.  I’ve been lonely for SO long that I may be afraid to change my life even if it is for the better.

Even though I say I’m lonely I’m not sure that I am.  In fact I’ve admitted a number of times that I prefer my life this way even as part of me is dying inside.  I literally don’t know what to do.  I am still at war with myself.   Yes, it is partially shyness and fear of meeting new people as well as the fear of change.  I have a life planned around my loneliness.  I’ve spent 44 years building my castle of sadness and I might be happy in it.  Can being sad make you happy?  That’s doesn’t sound good at all.

In the end, I don’t want to meet new people.  I want the people I know to be what I need but that’s impossible.  How messed up is that?  Send some men over to take me away because I think I may be totally insane.


Where to find E85 in San Antonio

If you own a Flex-Fuel vehicle, then you owe it to the world to use E85 in your tank.  For quite a while E85 has been hard to find.  Still, it is not in every station like you might expect.  Fortunately there are a number of convenient locations to get your ethanol fill-up in San Antonio.


1. HEB 17460 IH-35N & 3009

2. Valero 4801 Walzem Road

3. Valero on Culebra just outside 1604

4. Valero on 151 near Rogers Road

Do you know of others I have missed?  Please comment with the location.


Great Price and Free Shipping on Solar Panels

I just ordered a second solar panel for my home system.  I did a lot of searching to find the best prices on solar panels because the less expensive they are the sooner you get payback. (The time it takes to generate enough power to pay for itself.)

The biggest problem I’ve found besides not being able to find them locally is having to pay shipping costs.  It usually runs around $175 to ship a panel.  That TOTALLY ruins the value of the panel by seriously increasing the payback time.

After much searching and gnashing of teeth I found a solution.  Home Depot offers panels and equipment at great prices and FREE shipping.  Woohoo!   I ordered a 240 Watt monocrystalline panel for $399.  After $32.92 tax the total cost was $431.92.

So what are you waiting for? Get your solar on!  Stop paying the man for your energy.

Quick Movie Review – Spirited Away

Spirited Away has to be one of my top favorite animated movies.  If you love anime or have never watched anime before this is a perfect place to start.  It is possibly the first Japanese Animation I ever watched and Director Hayao Miyazaki is by far the best.

I can’t even put into words how special this movie is.  The visuals are breathtaking and the story is wonderful.

Once you have enjoyed Spirited Away you can move on to all the other great Miyazaki films.  I have most of them so far.

Even though I have never been to Japan, I love so much about the country and its culture.  It’s a shame that as Japan becomes more “westernized” it loses what makes it special.  I hope that one day I can visit.  If I ever have to reincarnate on this planet, I hope I am Japanese.  My life has no culture.  I’m just a white guy in Virtual Mexico.  It would mean so much to me to have a family and tradition and culture to make life worth living.