The Wierd Face

My brother came over today to borrow my pressure washer.  I didn’t want to let him use it but I have to because he is my brother.  Whenever he borrows something he doesn’t return it.  I have to go begging for it when I need it.  I know how Ned Flanders feels.  This time I asked him when he could bring it back to set limits.

Fortunately he and his wife picked it up and left without having to make much small talk.  I don’t like spending time with them.  I feel very uncomfortable around them.  I have to be careful what I say because they are easily offended by the slightest things.

I am also unable to express my feelings around them because I will surely get the “weird face”.  You know that face people give you when they don’t understand you and think you are fucked up?  Rather than maybe getting a little understanding or sympathy for my pain I get judged.  It’s not pleasant.  Consequently I just keep my mouth closed.  Since I also can’t stand small talk it makes being together pointless.

I hope my silence speaks volumes to them but I’m sure it falls on deaf ears.  Normal people live in a different dimension.