Free Book Idea – The New World Order

Do you have writer’s block?  Well, here’s an idea that could be the makings of a Best Seller.

I’m interested in reading a fictional account of the life of regular people during and after the change to the new world order.  Yes, it is an old subject but so is the available literature.  H.G. Wells wrote “The New World Order” back in 1940.  Much has changed since then.  I haven’t read Wells’ book mostly because of its age.  Also because it is still more informational than novelish.

The rest of the books I’ve found are more documentary and “facts”.  Still not what I’m looking for.  Do some research on “Agenda 21” for more inspiration.  I’d like to see something along the lines of “One Second After“.

This idea is free for your use.  Just send me a copy of the book when you’re done and we can call it even.