Blackouts never last long enough

The power just went out.  This is an unusual occurence around my neighborhood after they replaced the power lines a few years ago.  It used to go out quite often.  Today it only lasted about a minute.  Bummer.

I LOVE blackouts at night.  My favorite thing about losing power is going outside and listening to the silence.  Instead of hearing the continuous drone of a million air conditioners you only hear a few dogs barking in confusion.  It looks so strange to see actual darkness instead of lights spilling from the neighbor’s houses.  On a clear night you don’t even have the clouds reflecting the light from the other parts of the city.

A few years ago I bought a generator and connected a transfer switch to my house.  If the power goes out I can run all the necessities of life.  Refrigerator, ceiling fans and my entertainment center.  So far the generator is working perfectly.  No major outages yet.  It’s like putting the proverbial banana in your ear to keep the elephants away.

I also like the idea of having a multi-day blackout in my neighborhood (Not the whole city) to where I will be the only one on the street with power.  People might come over and spend some time with me.   They could bring food to put in my fridge and we could sit under the ceiling fan and watch tv.  It would be like having friends.

I’ll keep my fingers crossed for a hurricane or something.  Come one baby!  Hit me!