Possible route to happiness – Find your satisfaction

Happiness is fleeting. It’s hard to find and once you do it is gone before you know it.  Everyone has different things that make them happy.

I’m finding, lately, that happiness and satisfaction may be linked together.  When you’re unsatisfied in life you are certainly not going to be happy.

I’ve known it for sometime that my satisfaction lies in watching TV and movies.  It’s not contributing to society in any way but it makes me feel good.  It bothers me that it is not a constructive activity or even an activity per se but if it makes me happy then it must be good.  It is not the only thing I enjoy but during the summer when it is just too hot to be outside it is pretty much the only thing I can do.

I have to ask myself whether I am being truthful about whether I am satisfied with watching TV or if I am deluding myself.  I find it very hard to tell the difference these days.  Does it even matter?  What really matters in life in the end anyway?