Adventures in People Watching – Schlotzskys

I had originally planned to go to Arby’s because I had a coupon for a buy one get one free beef and cheddar.  I asked what the difference was between the CLASSIC beef and cheddar and the regular.  This guy was white but young and didn’t seem to comprehend the question.  While he was babbling incoherently I figured it out on my own by studying the menu.

I ordered the classic beef and cheddar combo and tried to use the coupon for a free one.   He didn’t think I could use it with a combo purchase but I didn’t see the difference because I WAS buying a beef and cheddar along with fries and a drink.  He asked his supervisor who confirmed that I couldn’t use it.  I thanked him and left.  Strange rule.

Across the street is a Schlotzsky’s which already had my attention before I went into Arby’s so I headed over there.  I ordered a medium classic combo.  Schlotszky’s is more expensive but perhaps a better meal.  I did not regret my choice.

As I was eating my sandwich I noticed a young couple sitting at another table.  They were holding hands and engaged in a silent conversation.  Their lips move but I can’t hear what they say. (Pink Floyd reference)  I thought it was interesting anyway that they were talking.  I wondered what two normal people talk about.  What can you say to someone that hasn’t already been said.  Life is funny in that it is an endless loop of repetition participated in simultaneously by seven billion people.

I wonder if there is any technology I can use to eavesdrop on conversations so I can better understand how the humans think and interact.  Sometimes you can’t avoid hearing people at another table and I often enjoy listening to them talk about their little thoughts and problems.  Those kind of conversations aren’t necessarily useful.  It’s the quiet ones that I don’t know much about.  Maybe I could learn to read lips.  Nah.  Too much trouble plus they would see me staring at them.  It has to be more covert like a directional hearing aid.