Dreamblog – The End of the World

I was sitting at home early in the morning when I heard a large helicopter approaching.  Suddenly it was flying inches off the ground outside my house looking in the windows.  I tried hiding from view wondering what they were trying to get me for.

Suddenly it got dark outside as if a blanket had been thrown over the city.  The helicopter was gone so I looked outside.  There were soldiers holding guns on children who were walking to school.  They were down on their knees or lying face down in the yard as the soldiers yelled at them to stay still.

It got so dark that I could barely see anymore when I heard someone inside my house.  I saw a figure coming toward me and held up my hands to show that I wasn’t armed.  I recognised that it was a civilian and I asked what was going on.  He said it was the end of the world.

Now in pitch black I tried to look out the corner of my bedroom window to see what was happening when I saw a solider in the bedroom with a rifle. (Notice I didn’t say “troop” because it was just one soldier)  From what I could see, he was dressed in a world war I uniform and helmet.  I quietly shrank down in the corner next to the bed hoping he wouldn’t see me.  Maybe I could get under the bed but that would make noise.  He pointed his rifle at me and I closed my eyes hoping my death would be short and painless.