Dreamblog – The new job

I was using Google Maps to find a new place to live.  While I was searching a small town I switched into flight simulator mode to get a bird’s-eye view.  Even thought it was a small town it had a few large office buildings.  I landed and walked up to the door of one.  An employee was struggling with the lock on the door.  I helped him remove the old one and replace it with a new lock.  He was impressed and called the boss to come meet me.

The boss was a youngish woman who was a bit on the crazy side.  I liked that.  She asked me what I do and I gave her a long list of my abilities not including my 26 years experience as a computer guru. I’m tired of computers.  She was impressed and hired me on the spot.  She asked me what color uniform I wanted.  White or Blue.   I chose White.

The office building had everything.  You would never even have to leave.  It had movie theatres, a food court and showers.  Everything!  I was excited to have the new job.

I wondered how I was going to tell my old employer I was leaving and how I was going to sell my house and tell my mom.

I woke up with a feeling that life was good. This dream is obviously a sign of what I should do.  I need to start a new life. This one is all used up.