Quick Movie Review – Spirited Away

Spirited Away has to be one of my top favorite animated movies.  If you love anime or have never watched anime before this is a perfect place to start.  It is possibly the first Japanese Animation I ever watched and Director Hayao Miyazaki is by far the best.

I can’t even put into words how special this movie is.  The visuals are breathtaking and the story is wonderful.

Once you have enjoyed Spirited Away you can move on to all the other great Miyazaki films.  I have most of them so far.

Even though I have never been to Japan, I love so much about the country and its culture.  It’s a shame that as Japan becomes more “westernized” it loses what makes it special.  I hope that one day I can visit.  If I ever have to reincarnate on this planet, I hope I am Japanese.  My life has no culture.  I’m just a white guy in Virtual Mexico.  It would mean so much to me to have a family and tradition and culture to make life worth living.