Great Price and Free Shipping on Solar Panels

I just ordered a second solar panel for my home system.  I did a lot of searching to find the best prices on solar panels because the less expensive they are the sooner you get payback. (The time it takes to generate enough power to pay for itself.)

The biggest problem I’ve found besides not being able to find them locally is having to pay shipping costs.  It usually runs around $175 to ship a panel.  That TOTALLY ruins the value of the panel by seriously increasing the payback time.

After much searching and gnashing of teeth I found a solution.  Home Depot offers panels and equipment at great prices and FREE shipping.  Woohoo!   I ordered a 240 Watt monocrystalline panel for $399.  After $32.92 tax the total cost was $431.92.

So what are you waiting for? Get your solar on!  Stop paying the man for your energy.