My Enchanted Water Heater

I have a magic water heater.  It lives in a closet out in the garage and provides me with free hot water all summer long even though it is set for pilot-only mode.

Last year I built a solar water heater but shortly afterwards I discovered that I didn’t need it. My enchanted appliance works just fine.  The magic isn’t strong enough during the winter so I have to turn it back on but during the summer I get almost scalding hot water for free.

It is quite old and I expect it to start leaking any minute but perhaps the magic will also keep that from happening.  I attribute some of the heat gain to be the fact that the summer weather in San Antonio hovers around 100 degrees during the day and no cooler than 80 at night.  That still doesn’t seem to be enough to heat the water to such a high temperature on its own.  Surely the pilot light is not doing it either.  I’m certainly not complaining.

If only I had an enchanted air conditioner…