4th of July Concert

Our community band had our 4th of July concert tonight.  Nevermind that today is the 7th of July.  It was held outside behind City Hall in a small town just NW of San Antonio.

There was a great turnout!  There were free hot dogs and popcorn.  Everyone brings a folding chair and the kids play on bouncy houses.  There’s horseshoes and washers to play too.

The concert went very well.  We played many patriotic songs each introduced by the Mayor and ended with the 1812 overture joined by cannons shot off by local civil war reinactors and a great professional fireworks show as we finished 1812 and concluded with Stars and Stripes Forever.

The audience loved it.  It was much better than I expected. I was only slightly sad because there was nobody there for me.  That’s OK.  I’m getting used to it.