Dreamblog – Not moving to San Francisco

I was helping my cousin bring some furniture out of her house and packing it into her pickup truck.  She and my sister were moving to San Francisco.  Back inside the house she showed me on a map where her new house was and where my sister’s new house was located.

It was time for them to leave and as the family went outside to see them off I took a right turn and headed for the back of the house.  My mom followed me.  I started crying.  She hugged me and asked me what was wrong.  I fell to my knees and cried harder.  I told her between sobs that I was so sick of living in San Antonio.  She left me alone in the room.

I woke up as the crying melted away in real life.  Now that I think of it, having relatives in another state would be so great. I could go and visit. I would not personally move to San Francisco but anywhere is better than here.