Dreamblog – The Black School

I was a young black man in a black school.  Society had finally decided that the “Black Attitude” was going out of style.  A time had come when the men were supposed to go into the lunch room and impress the ladies.  It was kind of a competition where you were to drop the black act and impress the ladies with your civility.

I was not really into it but I went along.  I went through the lunch line putting a few things on my tray.  As I got to the cash register I was told the price was $3.50.  I gave a five to the guy behind the counter and he picked up a calculator to figure out my change. He noticed my nonchalance and gave me my money back saying lunch was free today.   I said, “Thanks, Dude!”  He had second thoughts because I said “Dude” but shrugged it off and let me go.

I was pretty much ignoring everyone including the women when one who was impressed by my relaxed demeanor walked up next to me.  She followed me to a booth and sat down asking me to sit with her.  The table was nasty but I sat down with her anyway.


I’ve had a lot of weird dreams lately but this is the first time I’ve been black.