Food Remorse

Lately I’ve been experiencing  a feeling of remorse after eating a large meal.  The wonderful fullness that used to be so desirable has now become unpleasant.

I wonder if it is because I want to eat more nutritious food in smaller quantities.  Perhaps for health reasons and bodily aesthetics.  Strange because I never cared about such things before.  I guess it is a symptom of age.

Eating healthy is rather difficult in today’s society.  It’s a shame one has to struggle against one’s favorite meals.  I’m not fat.  Perhaps a few pounds overweight but nothing serious.  Nothing that couldn’t be solved by some physical activity.  Such activity is also difficult to come by around here.  Between work hours, sleep and hot, humid weather, exercise is almost impossible.  I’ve always had a problem exercising for the sake of exercising.  I need to be doing something either fun or productive.

My plan is to try to always be hungry.  I want to try to eat small amounts. Enough to satisfy without pigging out.  Today was Mexican food day but instead of a big meal I had two (rather large) tacos and some chips.  Not nutritious but less mass.  Still I was full and remorseful.  I guess it’s a matter of practice to overcome the “Eyes bigger than the stomach” routine.  Next time I’ll try just one taco.

Live and learn.  That’s what life is about.