Quick Movie Review – The Last King of Scotland (2006)

The Last King of Scotland is a powerful story about a Scottish doctor who decides by randomly pointing to a place on the globe to go help the people of Uganda.  He becomes the personal doctor of brutal dictator Idi Amin.  The doctor doesn’t realize Amin’s brutality at first.  Even the people who elected him celebrated his political victory not knowing of the brutality to ensue.

Based on true facts this movie teaches us a number of morals.

1. Yes.  Absolute power corrupts absolutely.  Don’t forget this. It’s not just a fun thing to say.  In reality ALL governments are corrupt whether you chose to believe it or not. Where there is power there will be corruption.

2. The earth is a horrible planet. When the aliens come to judge us, we are screwed. The human race is no doubt the most evil thing in this universe.  Don’t be afraid of the aliens.  Be afraid of ourselves.