Parking Fees – Do they piss you off or not?

I’m back from vacation and I have a rant that deserves its own blog entry.  Parking Fees!

As I visited various places on my vacation I was assaulted by parking fees.  I have a serious problem with parking fees.  When you have to pay $20-50 per person to enter a place you should get your parking for free.  Instead they make you pay ANOTHER $6-10 just to park your car.

I can see where this might be necessary in a limited space like downtown New York but in a wide open space in Texas where there is miles of nothing to make you pay for parking is outrageous.  It’s another way to milk you out of your hard-earned money.  Normally I REFUSE to go anywhere I have to pay for parking.  I think you people are real bastards for doing this to your customers.  What a scam.  I see through your little scheme. Lucky for you the sleeping public doesn’t even notice. “Zombie give you more money.”

I hate you.