I wish I was older

If you are a young person who typed “I Wish I was Older” into Google, I hope you will take a few minutes to read these words.

I am an adult now and I have tons of pictures that my mom took of me as I grew up.  Now I look back at them and try to remember what life was like when I was young.

I think about how easy life was.  Yeah, I was too young to do the things older boys could do but there is no need to rush into adulthood.  You will be older eventually and get to do those things but for now, enjoy your youth.  Having friends, playing with your toys and video games and going to school.  You may not belive me but those are really great days and they will be gone soon enough.

I know you don’t want to believe me but it happens for everyone so you have to trust what I telling you.

Be a kid and do kid things.  Don’t rush into the future.  It will be here soon enough and last a VERY long time.  You will have plenty of time to be adult but being a kid is actually shorter than you think.  Lucky is the child who appreciates his childhood!

I remember thinking about how long I would be going to school.  12 years!  That’s forever!  Now I’m 44 and looking back.  I’ve been working for 25 years.  It makes school look short.

I am telling you once more because it is the most important thing in the world.  Enjoy being a kid!