Dreamblog – The pool party

I was at a pool party when I had to use the restroom.  I went into a place that was more like a surf store.  Unable to see a restroom anywhere I headed back outside.  There was a guy selling bottled water but I wasn’t thirsty. Near the door was a rack of boogie boards.  One of them was very hairy.

When I stepped outside I was 75 miles away from the pool so I had to drive back.  The other cars on the highway were very weird.  Some old-fashioned, some futuristic.  Many were going slower than I wanted to go.

After fighting traffic for a while I came upon a teenager lying in the left lane of the highway.  He seemed to have fallen out of the back of a pickup truck.  Another vehicle had stopped ahead of him and a girl was running back with a medical kit.  I really didn’t care so I kept going.

Right up ahead all the traffic had stopped.  They started putting 2×4 boards across the road to slow the cars of anyone trying to continue on.  I had to tip-toe through the matrix of boards like a football player steps through tires during practice.   The fact that I was still moving ahead instead of stopping and worrying about the teenager in the road was pissing people off.  Well, they were pissing me off because I still had many miles to go to get back to the party.

I finally came to a point where there were no stopped people and was looking forward to driving again.  There was a checkpoint like in an airport.  There was a security guy there using a metal detector wand on me as I held up my arms.  He asked me a question but I couldn’t understand him due to the noise and his mumbling.  I asked him to repeat the question and he mumbled it again.  Still not understanding I asked again for him to repeat.  Yet again I could not figure out what he was asking.  I finally just said “no.”  Apparently that was not the right answer.

I woke up.