Dreamblog – The Million Dollar Meal

I was staying in a hotel room near the ocean with two other people.  One was a co-worker and I didn’t recognize the other.

We were in a very fancy room when Gordon Ramsay and a team of cooks came in to cook for us.  I knew this was going to be expensive but my roommates didn’t seem to be concerned.  The meal was prepared and we ate.  It was very fine cuisine which I really have no interest in in real life.

After we finished eating Gordon gave us the bill.  It was a million dollars.  My first roommate looked at it and passed it on to my co-worker.  He looked at it and passed it on to me.  There was NO WAY I was going to pay it so I passed it back.  They seemed to think that I was supposed to pay.  I didn’t even want the meal and it would take me three lifetimes to pay a million dollar dinner bill.

Still they insisted but I held my ground.  Gordon and his team were not going to let us leave.  I woke up feeling rather disturbed.

I have never watched any of Gordon Ramsay’s shows so I don’t know why he was involved.  Commercials may be more powerful than we know.