Deciding for Early Retirement

I think I have made my final decision.  I am going to retire next year.  I will be 45 and still young enough to enjoy life.  I’ve spent the last 25 years of my life working for the man.  Having little else to do and with early retirement in mind all that time I’ve saved large amounts of money in anticipation of living outside the Matrix.

I will have $365,000 to live on.  I plan on moving to a small town with nice weather and buying a mobile home for around $35-50,000.  That will leave me with approximately $320,000 to live the rest of my life on.

My plan is to take it easy for a year or two, volunteer around town, play in the band, and experience life.

If I get too bored I will supplement my savings by doing computer repair out of my house.  If I get really bored I will look around for a part time job where I can enjoy my work even if I only get minimum wage.

What about health care you ask?  I think I’ll risk it.  Our great grandparents did not have healthcare and they lived long and pointless lives.  Surely I can do the same.  I am relatively healthy enough so I think I can manage on the cash I have.   If I get sick and die then so be it.  At least I lived.

For fulfillment, in addition to volunteering around town, I plan on reading, learning to play the Piano, build things and experimenting. Drive around the U.S. and just do all the great things that the working zombie can only dream about. I can do anything I put my mind to so that’s what I plan to do.  Anything.

If I get amazingly bored with the town I will be living in, I am free to move about the country to find better places.  You can’t do that while working.  Work is an anchor dragging you to your death in the depths of the sea of pointlessness.

I have already been whittling down the crap around the house to make my move simple.  If I won’t need it in my new life, it goes.  Can’t tell you how much nicer the house looks now that it has been decrappified.

This winter I will be visiting my destination town.  I’ve been there in the summer twice and now I want to see it in the winter with lovely snow for months at a time.  Mmmm Snow!   No.  I won’t get tired of it.  I’ll be retired. I won’t have to go anywhere if I don’t feel like it.

I hope to find a house during this time so I can plan to sell my current house, quit my job and move my ass to a better place.

It’s such a nice feeling to have something to look forward to now.  I plan on using the fake-winter time in San Antonio to prepare my house for sale.  Whoever buys it is going to have a great home.  I’ve done so much with it over the years.  It’s awesome.  Just in the wrong state.  I may miss it a little.

Other people have done it so surely I can do it too.  I would love to hear from anyone else who has escaped the Matrix.  Please comment and share your story.