A Week Without TV

This morning I awoke to find my DirecTV receiver complaining that it cannot find the signal from the satellite.

After jacking with the cables and running the tests I seem to be unable to fix it myself.  I reluctantly called DirecTV support.  I was fortunate to get right to a support guy who knew what he was doing.  He had me run a few test and it looks like there’s nothing that can be done over the phone so a technician will have to visit.

I was rather shocked to find out that the next available appointment is five days away on Saturday.  Being that TV is my best and only friend I am faced with a rather difficult week.

I have an emergency antenna tuner that I can use for local channels in SD and I have the internet and DVDs.  The new season of shows hasn’t started yet so there’s not much on anyway.

Even though this sucks I think it may be an interesting psychological experiment to see if my life changes at all without suckling at the teat of the great pacifier.

I’m scared…


Well, I managed to get it working.  It has only one tuner but it will get me by just fine during The Waiting Week.  Ipart, I am relieved.  In the other part, I am disappointed.  I was looking forward to the no TV experiment.  No, I can’t do it voluntarily.