Property Tax Reform

You see it in the movies and on TV all the time.  People often experience it in real life.  Older people living in the old farm-house being evicted for not paying their taxes.

Doesn’t it bother anyone that people are thrown out of their family home because they don’t have enough income to pay property taxes?  Sounds pretty messed up to me.

The answer is simple:  If you don’t have an income, you don’t have to pay property taxes.  That way people can live simple lives without oppression.

It also bothers me that a large chunk of my property taxes goes to the schools.  I don’t have any children and never will.  It is not right that I should have to pay for other people’s kid’s education.  I wrote a letter to my city’s tax collector asking for a refund for the school tax portion of my property taxes.  She actually DID write back but I didn’t get my refund.

Doesn’t stuff like this bother anyone?  Are you all tax-paying zombies?  Doesn’t anyone care?