How to start using Energy Efficient Bulbs to save money

Are you looking to save money by reducing your electricity bill?  Wondering about Energy Efficient LED and Compact Fluorescent(CFL) bulbs?  Afraid of the high prices?

You don’t have to spend as much money as you might think to start saving on your electric bill.

Every time I am in one of the home stores I love to browse the light bulb aisle.  I’m a light bulb freak for some reason and the new energy efficient bulbs are so exciting!  Why?  Because you are getting the same amount of light for less money.  I love to be efficient.

The price of the newest LED bulbs are relatively high compared to old fashioned incandescent bulbs but use so much less energy that they pay for themselves.  Compact Fluorescent bulbs are a lot cheaper and still save a lot of energy.

You don’t have to replace EVERY bulb in your house right away.  Start with the bulbs that are on the most hours each day.  Swap the porch light that is on all night with a CFL or LED.   You will save the most money here.  Next look for interior lights that are used the most.  A box of CFL bulbs is actually quite cheap.

You don’t have to worry about the harsh light that CFL bulbs are rumored to emit.  Things have changed and CFL bulbs now give a nice warm glow that is indistinguishable from incandescent light.

Don’t replace closet lights or restroom lights that are only on for a few minutes.  You won’t save much here right off.  Replace them later when the new bulbs get cheaper.

Consider the savings:  An old fashioned 40 watt bulb uses 40 watts of energy where a 40W equivalent CFL bulb uses only 9-13 watts.  A LED bulb around 4 watts.

Don’t wait any longer.  The time for jumping into efficient lighting is now!  You’ll find that it is fun to try new bulbs.  Think of the money you will not be giving to the electric company.  If everyone switched out just a few bulbs the world could save millions on energy production.