Vacation time has finally arrived

At long last!  Now that school is back in session and the summer is mostly over, the masses have disappeared from the overcrowded parks, lakes and rivers around Texas.  The weather has cooled off enough that I can go outside and enjoy nature as it was meant to be.  Devoid of people.  Nothing sucks more than a park jammed full of mexican families with the music blaring and people screaming.  You totally miss the nature.

I have suffered greatly this summer and now that I can go out again I need to make sure I make the most of the fall months.  I can’t waste it.  It is very precious.

Now I have two questions to ponder.  Where to go and whether to go alone or try to get someone to go along.

There are plenty of places to go and see around central Texas.  Many of which I have seen before.  It is a matter of deciding where and when.

The matter of going alone or not may be solved by simple logic.  If I go alone I can experience and become one with nature.  I can appreciate the views and the silence for as long as I want.  I can do as I please.  That certainly sounds good.

If I were to try to take someone with me I would be at the mercy of their life schedule.  I would have to worry about whether or not they are having a good time.  I would not be free to appreciate my surroundings.  No.  I thing going alone is the only way.

Well.  Now I just have to decide where and when.  Maybe a little camping?  I don’t know.  Wish me luck.