Neighbor’s house burglarized

This afternoon, while they were at school and work, the neighbor’s house across the street was burglarized.   I even came home early wand was out mowing the grass.  If they did it during that time, I probably wouldn’t even have noticed.  So much coming and going happens at all my neighbors houses that I just block it out.  They could have been carrying out a 60 inch tv and I would not have noticed or cared.

I’ve always considered the possibility that my house would be burglarized.  They would almost be doing me a favor.  All my theft-worthy stuff is old and cheap to replace.  Insurance would cover it easily.  I don’t have anything that has sentimental value either.  All my documents and pictures are on my computer and are backed up bi-annually to an external hard drive I keep at work.   No problem if they steal my computer.  I also have pictures of all my semi-valuable stuff for insurance purposes.  I won’t be devastated if it ever happens.  Freaked, but not devastated.

After hearing about the neighbor’s burglary, I decided to test my alarm system.  I turn it on and off when I come and go but seldom test it.   It has an outside siren and an inside siren that is REALLY loud.  It also flashes the lights and plays a recording of a large dog barking.   I seriously doubt that anyone who bothered to try to steal my stuff would hang around very long.  I plan on perhaps adding a circuit to email me when the alarm goes off.  It would pop up instantly on my iPhone.  Not that I could get home in time but at least I would not come home and be totally surprised.