A whole week of vacation

It has been probably more than a year since I’ve taken a whole week off.  If not, it sure feels like it.  I didn’t want to waste a week of precious vacation time during the summer because it is too hot to go outside.  Now that autumn has arrived and the heat is off, I think I can take some time to rest and recreate.

So far it has been damp and dreary for the first few days but the rest of the week is looking nice.  I asked a few acquaintances if they wanted to go diving or play golf but they turned me down.  As usual, I’m on my own.

That’s OK.  I can entertain myself.  I’ve been doing it for decades.  I plan to visit a few parks, do some diving and play a little golf.  Maybe I’ll go down to the coast for a day.  The best part is enjoying the fact that people at work are having to get along without me.  I’m not an omniscient maintenance robot.  I am a real live being with needs and desires.  Whatever..