Labor Day

Since I went on a trip yesterday I decided to stay home and “rest” today.  In the continuing saga of my wonderful week of vacation I woke up this morning and made a list of things I would like to accomplish before it ends.  Out of ten things on my list I crossed off 7 of them.

1. Drill circuit boards for color changing doorbell batch.

2. Wash Car.

3. Test generator.

4. Fix hose.

5. Spray yard for mosquitoes.

6. Replace power cord on leaf blower.

7. Scan documents into computer.

8. Reconnect cooling fans on Trike.

9. Clean Garden

10. Convert recorded movie to mpeg 4.

I got them all done except #8 and #9.  Plenty of time to do that in the next few days.  I even had time to grill up a nice steak and baked potato dinner.  It feels so good to get things done that I just don’t have the energy for after working all day.  I like vacation.  If you have the means, I highly recommend you pick some up.