Trip Report – Government Canyon State Park

The day began nice and cool.  An amazing thin in itself for San Antonio.  Not wanting to waste beautiful weather I decided to grab a sandwich at Subway then drive the few miles down the road to Government Canyon State Park.

This park is super close to San Antonio and is pending surroundage by suburban sprawl.  I shouted “Bastards!!” out the window at the construction crew breaking ground for a new subdivision just feet from the entrance to the park.

The park itself is rather plain.  It is basically walking trails through the Central Texas scrub brush composed of Cedar Trees, weeds and a few Live Oaks.  The trails are long and hot since the Cedar and Oak are few and far between offering little shade.  Be sure you bring lots of water and don’t even try during the summer.

After walking about a mile into the outback I stopped to rest.  Having nothing to sit on I just sat cross-legged in the trail itself to take in the silence.  Like I’ve said before, silence is a wonderful thing.  Other than the occasional airplane passing over  it was nice and quiet.  You can sit there on the ground and listen to the buzzing of the bees as they visit the little yellow flowers nearby.  I was surprised to not see any wildlife other than bees, lots of butterflies and grasshoppers.  No squirrels anywhere.

Even that short walk was long enough so I turned back.  Good thing because I was worn out by the time I got back to the car.

Government Canyon is an OK place to get away from the city for a little while without having to drive hundreds of miles.  There’s just not a lot to see.  Once you’ve walked a few hundred yards, you’ve pretty much seen it all.

Still, It’s better than work!  Yay vacation!