Trip Report -The High School Football Game

I’m not a big fan of football but every once in a while I feel nostalgic for high school football.  As a member of the band I attended all the games at Robert E. Lee High School in San Antonio from 1983-1986. (Or something like that.)

I called up an old friend from the band and left her a voice mail asking if she would like to go to the game tonight.  Of course, she didn’t respond so I decided to go alone.  I am very used to going places alone now.  It seemed like a good idea to go sit all alone in a stadium full of people rather than to sit all alone in the darkness at home.

Many things have changed including the loss of our school flag.  For some reason the confederate flag is no longer acceptable.  Everyone was fine with it when I was there.  Some things like our poor football team have not changed.  During my high school years, our team seldom won a game.  Today was no exception.  By half-time the score was 49 to zero!  Lee still sucks.  How hard is it to catch a ball and run?  Damn!   Back in my sister’s day at Lee, the football team was top-notch.  Of course that was way back in the early 70’s.  They have sucked for over 30 years now.  But that’s OK because I wasn’t there for the football.  I was there for the band.  I wanted to see the half-time show.

Finally after suffering through the first half of the game, the bands filed out of the stands to take the field.  Yay!   It was the visitor’s turn to go first.  Madison High School.  Their band sounded very powerful in the stands.  It was HUGE!  They marched out in a block formation and stopped.  I was ready for a show!   Unbeknownst to me, it was homecoming.  Whatever the hell that is.  Because they had to introduce a bunch of kids in made up royalty positions the band did not do a show.  They played a song while the dancers danced, they introduced the “royalty”, and played a song as they marched off the field.  The same thing for our side.  CRAP!

At least I heard them play “Dixie” as they marched off the field.

All in all, it was a big eight dollar bucket of suck.

I understand there is a UIL marching competition tomorrow.  Maybe I’ll go see that.  Lots of half time shows there.

Just saw on the news that the final score was Madison: 56  Lee: 7.  At least they got ONE touchdown.  I missed it.