What happened to the flavor of fruit?

Have you noticed that fruit doesn’t taste as good as it used to?  Remember biting into an apple when you were a kid.  The flavor was amazing.  Remember when oranges and tangerines were fun to eat?  What happened?  If you are having trouble getting your kids to eat fruit and vegetables it may be because they taste like wet cardboard.

It isn’t your imagination that fresh produce isn’t very appetizing anymore.  One reason is that fruit is now grown either by genetics or by selective breeding to look good and consistent on the shelf while lasting longer.  Flavor is not important here.  After you bought it because it looks good it is unlikely that you will return it because it tastes bad.

Another reason is that many fruits and veggies are picked too early and allowed to “ripen” on the way to the store.  That’s not real ripening.

Some produce is grown hydroponically suspended in water.  It grows faster than normal and does not absorb all the important minerals found in the soil.

So what can you do about it?  Well, you can continue to eat cardboard flavored fruit from the stores.  Your best bet would be to find a local farmer’s market and buy directly from a farmer grown the old-fashioned way.  Even so, obtaining the original seed is becoming more difficult.

We may be on the slippery slope of losing our ability to get quality fruit.  Your kids may never know what good fruit should taste like.