Presidential Elections – Other parties don’t have a chance.

I just picked up a sample ballot in preparation for early voting and was surprised to see that there are more than just two people running for president.   Besides Barak Obama and Mitt Romney there are also Gary Johnson of the Libertarian Party and Jill Stein of the Green Party.   Have you ever heard of theses people?  I’ll bet not.

Doesn’t it bother anybody that the other parties don’t get a chance to be known by participating in the Debates and getting equal time in the media?   We have no idea what these people are about.  They may be far better selections than Romney or Obama.  So many people have said the don’t want either one.  Here are two other choices that may be even better but since they don’t have a chance it makes it difficult to waste your vote on one of them.

I think the election should be an equal four-way choice.  What will it take?  I might tend to lean towards the Green Party but there’s no way they can win as unknown candidates.  Something is wrong here.