Sometimes you’re money ahead to pay full price.

I needed a new drive belt for my Yardbug mower and searching on the internet turned up prices in the $35 plus shipping range.  Damn!  It’s a rubber belt!  WTF?

Thinking it was WAY overpriced I measured the belt and did research looking for a cheaper alternative.  I thought I found my deal when I located a belt for $6.99 plus $10.00 shipping.  I ordered it and waited three weeks.  When it arrived I found that I did not measure the width correctly and ended up with a belt I can’t use.  The company I ordered it from doesn’t have the right width belt so I can’t exchange it.

Back to the internet…  I one again balked at the cost of an original equipment belt but still can’t turn up an alternative.  I finally got lucky and found an OEM belt on Ebay for $25.00 with free shipping.  I went ahead and ordered it.

I’ll have to wait another week to get it and overall I’m out $42 which is more than buying the expensive one in the first place.  Sometimes you just can’t win.

Often you can so I’m not sure this is really a lesson to learn.  I think in the big picture, I save more by searching harder than I lose by making mistakes and paying more.   The moral here is “Know when to give up.”

A week or so later…

Yay!  I win!  I got the belt in the mail and installed it today.  The mower is as good as new.  Damn!  I’m awesome!