Why I’m not afraid of the coming zombie apocalypse

There sure have been a lot of movies and TV shows about the Zombie Apocalypse lately.

I’m not afraid of this happening because it will not be like Hollywood portrays it.  As long as you don’t get infected, all you have to do is wait it out in a safe place for a while.  Eventually the zombies, will exhaust their food supply.  They are also unlikely to be intelligent enough to find water.  The body, zombified or not, cannot exist very long without water.  They will become inoperable and die.  Then I can come out of hiding and enjoy the world without the thundering masses.  Nice!

In reality, it is very unlikely that such a zombification virus will actually exist.  Killing a human and reanimating his body in such a way just can’t happen.  There is, however, the possibility that an earthwide disaster like an asteroid, EMP, solar flare or widespread nuclear war could wipe out our food supply chain turning people into virtual zombies as they scour the planet looking for food.  This kind of zombie, who is still congnicient and able to think and reason, is even more dangerous.  They won’t just stand there while you bash their head in.  They WILL fight back with deadly force.  Eventually they will become cannibals so like Hollywood zombies, they may eat your brain.

When the world’s population eventually becomes reduced down to a level that can be sustained by an agrarian society, the world will become equalized and re-industrialization will begin.  At least not from scratch because hopefully some people will retain the skills needed or can find the information they need in books.  Assuimg there are still books.

THIS could actually happen.