I Voted Today

I decided that I knew all I was going to about the candidates this year (which isn’t much) so I voted during lunchtime today.

The main vote, of course, was for the president.
The second most important vote was against the new tax to pay for Pre-K (daycare) for the multitude of undeserving children in San Antonio.  Nope.  I don’t support socialism.  Pre-K is for people who have money. Not for everyone.  You should be staying home with your children like my mom did.

I went through the rest of the ballot voting for the white people not caring what party they were in.  Yes.  I am racist.  Suck it!

Of course I don’t believe for a minute that my vote counts.  I’m sure it has all been pre-decided.  The whole voting process is just to make the little person think that they have a say.  I’m willing to bet that the other guy wins for president, the Pre-K tax passes and all the mexican candidates win.  Want to put some money on it?

I’ll update this post in a few weeks when the results are in…

…November 7th.

Welp,  There you go!   I called it.  I would say that I win but I lose.   Voted for Romney, Obama won.  Voted against free daycare, got it anyway.   Let the Socialism begin.

I hate this planet.  😦