Dreamblog – Killing my wife

My wife was a real bitch.  She was drunk and crude.  I don’t remember why but we were out on our third floor balcony so I pushed her off and let her fall to the ground.  A neighbor from across the back yard came running to help her but she got up like nothing happened.

Someone else was on the balcony with me and I made the surprised remark that she was OK.  The person commented that she was in shock and will not last long.  My wife started to chase the neighbor that came to help her but after about fifty feet she fell down and her head popped off.  I was relieved.

We went inside the house and had dinner.  The table was full of people who were a little somber because of the event.  I asked if we should call the police and report the event or just ignore it.  Nobody really had an answer.