Refrigerator Silencing – First attempt – Partial fail

I have an old Norge refrigerator that I bought in the late 90s when I bought my house.  It’s basic but works great.  My only complaint about it is that the evaporator fan (the one inside) is very noisy.  It doesn’t sound like anything is wrong with it like the bearings or anything.  The blades are just spinning so fast it makes the Whooooooooooo sound that can be heard in the living room.  When I am reading and the house is quiet the noise is annoying.  It sounds so nice when it turns off.

I was considering buying a new fridge but that would cost at least $1000.  Sure it would be a little more efficient but my current one uses 2 KWH a day which at 9 cents a KWH only costs me $5.40 per month to run.  That’s not bad so I’m not sure spending $1000 on a new one just because I hate the fan would be cost-effective.

Since it is old I decided I would at least try hacking on it a bit.  My first attempt was to replace the stock fan (on the right in the picture) with a 110V muffin fan I had on hand.  When I tested it externally it seemed to blow quite well but I don’t know what the CFM (cubic feet per minute) rating is.  It felt strong enough so I took the ice maker out and removed the cover on the back wall so I could get to the fan assembly.  After removing a few screws it came out relatively easily.   I removed the stock fan and drilled holes to mount my muffin fan.  It was a perfect fit so I reinstalled the unit in the freezer.

I plugged the fridge back in and everything worked perfectly.  I closed the door and listened.  Much better!  I could live with this!   I opened the door and felt the airflow with my hand and was disappointed.  It was not close to being as powerful as the stock fan.  I let it run for an hour to see what would happen.  The fridge never stopped running.  It was just not going to work out.  Not enough air flow.

I reluctantly reinstalled the original fan.  Back to the drawing board.  There are plenty of muffin fans available on the internet.  I’ve seen a few that are rated at 200 cfm.  I might order one and give it a second try.  They are cheap enough.  If that works out I might try swapping out the condenser fan underneath the fridge and make it even quieter.

Another alternative might be to replace the blades with one from a different brand and model as long as they fit the shaft and turn in the same direction.  There are a wide variety of blade styles so maybe I can find one that makes less noise.

I love modding stuff.  I’m a natural-born hacker.



American Chopper ending for good

I am so sad.  My favorite TV show is coming to an end.  Although cancelled before, American Chopper is now gone for good.  I feel like I am losing touch with family.

I am already following them on Twitter but it’s not the same.  You don’t get a good idea of what is going on.  It was bound to happen since I was just thinking a few days ago how much I enjoy this show.  That happens all the time.

It will be better for Paul Senior and Junior to not have the show to make things more difficult for their relationship but I’m still going to miss the show in a huge way.

I shall not want

 There is a prayer in the Christian Religion that includes the phrase, “I shall not want.”   It makes me think of the basis of the Buddhist Religion where desire or wanting is the cause of all suffering.

So many times have I learned this lesson yet so easily have I forgotten what I have learned.  Once again I have come to the re-realization that my constant desire for a few things that I am unable to obtain continue to cause me so much unnecessary pain.  If only I can put an end to these wantings.  Peaceful is the man who has no desires.

So why is it so difficult to let it go permanently?  I have to blame society and human nature.  Living in such a material society makes it almost impossible to just appreciate life as it is.  Human nature itself leads one to an insatiable desire for social interaction.

If you take a close look at the meaning of “I shall not want” in the prayer it is not really saying that I will not want stuff.  It is saying that god will provide you with the stuff you want so I find it a bit difficult to use it as an example in this article.   The fact that material desires are so strong is quite noticeable in Christianity as a whole.  More noticeable in the Catholic faith where one goes to church to pray for something.  Always wanting something.  Whether it be health or appliances there is always something they want.  I find this to be quite heretical and the thought that god might supply you with a new High Definition TV seems awfully crude and tasteless.

Once again I will set my goal to not want anything for as long as that lasts.  Even if only for a short time I might achieve peace.


Christmas gets more tacky every year

Lord have mercy!  Now that Thanksgiving day is half over, it is officially Christmas.  The holiday season goes by faster every year as time speeds up.  Along with time speeding up, Christmas gets more tacky, crass and insincere every year.  This year I feel dangerously apathetic.

It is getting exponentially more difficult for me to understand everyone elses’ inability to notice how horrible the “holiday” has become.  It adds additional evidence that the “people” I see around me are actually robots or holograms programmed to follow the rules of tradition no matter how far the world has gone down the drain.  Blows my mind to think about it.


I’m back from another Thanksgiving.  We drove to New Braunfels to have dinner at my cousin’s house.  As far as Thanksgivings go, this one was the most tolerable.  The food was good of course but best of all there weren’t any extraneous people.  Just actual relatives.

I like it much better this way.

Daylight Savings Time is backwards

This Daylight Savings Time thing is all screwed up.

It’s backwards!  In the spring we set our clocks forward making the long unbearably hot summer days last far too long.  We can’t wait for the scorching sun to set but it burns down on us until 9:00 pm.

In the Autumn and Winter when it is finally comfortable enough to go outside and enjoy nature, we set our clocks back and it is dark when we go to work and dark when we come home.  Where did the sun go?  How am I supposed to go out and play after work?

This is just so wrong.  Can’t somebody fix it?  Doesn’t anybody care?