Quick Trip Report – Friedrich Wilderness Park

It is Saturday Morning and I woke up about 10:00.  Wondering what I should do today rather than what I have to do I decided I should go anywhere.   I joined a website called alltrails.com which emails you info on a nearby trail each Friday.  I decided to try out Fredrich park since it is nearby.

I stopped at Subway for a 6 inch sub and was thinking about attempting to invite someone to go with me but as usual I realized that it would take pretty much all day to wait for someone else to get their act together.  I drove the few miles to the park.  There is no entrance fee which was a nice bonus and though the parking lot was almost full I had no problem finding a spot.

The main trail starts out like a segmented cement sidewalk.  It becomes a asphalt walkway and eventually raw dirt and stone.  As continue the trail becomes rather steep and treacherous.  Still navigable by a person in decent physical condition.

I passed a number of people heading the opposite direction.  Some running and others walking.  Most were friendly enough to acknowledge my existence with a “Hi”.  That was nice.

The park is mostly your common Central Texas cedar, oak and mesquite trees.  It almost feels like you are in the wilderness except for the constant roar of the city and the beeping of nearby construction equipment signaling the impending suburban sprawl that is San Antonio.

Overall it was a nice hike along the 1.7 mile main loop.  There was a nice breeze which is unusual for San Antonio.  Even though it is mid November it was hot enough to tempt me to take off my shirt.  I would not attempt going to this park (or any park) during high-summer in Texas.

In the end, I’m glad I went.  It’s nice to do something special every once in a while to make like worth living.  If only I could have shared the experience with someone special.