Dreamblog – Mikey’s Birthday

Mikey Teutul and I were out in front of my house one night and he was bummed that nobody remembered his birthday.  I looked up and saw fireworks on the horizon behind the house.  We were trying to figure out where they were coming from when a cruise ship turned the corner and was coming down the street.

We went down to the dock and Mikey warned me not to take any babies.  I wondered what he was talking about and as the ship cruised by near the dock women held out babies to us.  I had no interest in taking a baby and was glad he warned me.

Next we were in a large room which I think was aboard the ship.  Some people at the next table had a large tray of lobster.  Mikey was nearby working on a painting so I got out my iPhone and tried to enter his birthday into my calendar so I could call him next year.  I don’t have many contacts in my phone so I am not very good at working that part.  I always dial by accident and I did this time too.  I heard his phone ring and saw him reach to answer it.  Sitting right across the table from him we talked on the phone as I apologized for calling by accident.