Dreamblog – Galaxy Tab 3

A friend and I were supposed to write a report on a book.  He had the only copy so reading it was would be difficult for both of us.  I thought we might use my new Galaxy Tablet and listen to an audio book.  We were in the university library and wandered around looking for a quiet place to listen.  It was very difficult to find a place that wasn’t full of people or noisy machines.

Eventually he gave up and left to read his book.  I sat down to listen to my audio book.  Being distracted by some videos on it I was getting very little studying done.  I showed a video to a little kid sitting just to the right of me.  His father was sitting on my left and asked me what kind of tablet it was.

I looked around for the model number.  It was a multiple screen tablet bound in a leather case.  It folded upend to show three screens.  I finally found the model number on the back and it said Galaxy Tab 3.   I had gone to the store to buy the Galaxy Tab 2 for $199.   Seeing that it was a three freaked me out because I didn’t want to pay more than $199.  Either the clerk had given me the 3 for the price of the 2 or I had paid the big price for the 3.  Since I hadn’t paid attention and just swiped my card I really didn’t pay attention to what was charged.

(At the time of this dream the Galaxy Tab 3 doesn’t exist.)