I shall not want

 There is a prayer in the Christian Religion that includes the phrase, “I shall not want.”   It makes me think of the basis of the Buddhist Religion where desire or wanting is the cause of all suffering.

So many times have I learned this lesson yet so easily have I forgotten what I have learned.  Once again I have come to the re-realization that my constant desire for a few things that I am unable to obtain continue to cause me so much unnecessary pain.  If only I can put an end to these wantings.  Peaceful is the man who has no desires.

So why is it so difficult to let it go permanently?  I have to blame society and human nature.  Living in such a material society makes it almost impossible to just appreciate life as it is.  Human nature itself leads one to an insatiable desire for social interaction.

If you take a close look at the meaning of “I shall not want” in the prayer it is not really saying that I will not want stuff.  It is saying that god will provide you with the stuff you want so I find it a bit difficult to use it as an example in this article.   The fact that material desires are so strong is quite noticeable in Christianity as a whole.  More noticeable in the Catholic faith where one goes to church to pray for something.  Always wanting something.  Whether it be health or appliances there is always something they want.  I find this to be quite heretical and the thought that god might supply you with a new High Definition TV seems awfully crude and tasteless.

Once again I will set my goal to not want anything for as long as that lasts.  Even if only for a short time I might achieve peace.