Why do grandparents have to have stupid nicknames nowdays?

gndprntsIs it just me or do grandparents suddenly have to have stupid nicknames these days?  When I was a little boy I called my grandmother, “Grandma”.  I expect had I had a grandfather I would have called him, “Grandpa”.

Now I’m hearing people with kids referring to their grandparents using bizarre names that make no sense at all.  Why do parents not correct them?  Why do they perpetuate this strangeness.

Why is Grandma and Grandpa not good enough anymore?


Spa Heater Broken


Oh Bummer!  It was a nice cold evening and I planned to get naked and do some hot tubbing.  As soon as I got home I turned on the spa to heat up for later.  After an hour I checked the temperature to see how it was going and it was the same!  Cold.

Nooooo!  I got out my multimeter and checked for voltage at the heater element.  220V like it should be.  That means the element is dead.  Bummer again!  I pulled out my iPad and started searching for a replacement.  The old one was a Balboa 5.5KW tube.  I found a new one online for $97 after shipping.  Not bad!  It’s totally worth that so I ordered it.  Now I just have to wait a week or so until it arrives before I can enjoy a nice hot soak.

Awesome Handy Man Here

hndymnIt’s the Christmas Holidays and I’ve had a few days off.  I’ve been doing a lot of work around the house.  My house is in great shape and way cooler than my neighbors’ houses.  Over the years I’ve done a lot of maintenance, remodeling and upgrades.

I wonder if there are any women out there who want a man who stays home, doesn’t drink, and loves to work around the house.

You would think so, wouldn’t you?


Why is everyone so busy?

Busy Busy Busy
Busy Busy Busy

As I attempt to reach out to old friends I find it difficult to get in touch with them.  Everyone claims to be so busy.  It makes me wonder just what the hell they are doing that is so important.  I look at my life and find myself unable to label myself as “busy”.

Yes, I do stuff but none of it is so important that I don’t have time for other people.  I like to keep my life simple and it boggles my mind to see other people running around like Raspberry Crazy Ants on a hot Texas summer sidewalk.  What are they doing and why are they doing it?

I wonder if I should feel sorry for them or for myself.  Are they screwed up or am I?  I can’t tell.

Honeywell Wi-fi Thermostat


I put it off for a number of years thinking I was going to build my own wifi thermostat using an Arduino and then a Raspbery Pi.  I even bought the Pi and a temperature/humidity sensor but realized I’m not god enough at C and Python yet so I decided to go the easy way and just buy one.

After doing quite a bit of research I decided on the Honeywell RTH6580WF.  It was $119 at Home Depot.   I didn’t choose the Nest thermostat because it was more expensive and I really only need the basic functions.  The Honeywell is programmable too but I plan on not using that feature.  I like to control it manually for maximum comfort and efficiency.  I don’t need it coming on on a schedule because the weather swings so wildly in San Antonio during the winter.  In the summer it is just simply HOT.

The main thing I wanted was the wifi.  I want to be able to adjust it from my bedside upstairs.

It was pretty easy to install and I had it set up and running in less than an hour.  I can control it through an app on my iPhone or iPad or any web browser inside the house or around the world.  Pretty sweet!

I am completely happy with my choice.  If you’re in the market for one.  Get it on Amazon.

A Christmas Carol with Patrick Stewart

psxmscrlI’m watching “A Christmas Carol” with Patrick Stewart.  I have to admit that he plays a pretty good Scrooge.

I can’t help wondering, though, just how cool it would have been had the entire cast been from Star Trek.  Would that not have been awesome?   It would have been the best movie ever made.  They could still do it you know.

Who do you think might have been best cast for which parts?


I think I hate Cheetos

chtosBoof.  I never thought I would say this in my life but I think I don’t like Cheetos anymore.  I think I’ve come to this conclusion before but having forgotten my lesson I bought another bag.  After eating just a few I feel sick at my stomach.

It must be the cheese flavor #5.  I never did like that they were so cheesy.  It was always too much.  I actually think I would prefer just plain unflavored poofs.  Even when I was a little boy I thought they were too cheesy.  Sometime in the 90s they ramped up the cheese flavor and advertised the fact.  I am officially swearing off Cheetos.  Sorry Chester.