No good deed goes unpunished

pliceI got a text from a friend today begging for me to help him fix his shower doors.  Being a nice guy I drove across town after a long day at work and fixed them.  The problem was caused by bent tabs at the top which hold the wheels in the track.

On the way home I was coming down a hill to a traffic light.  The light changed from green to yellow but I was too close to be able to stop in time.  I had no alternative but to go through the intersection just as the light turned to red.  From nowhere a cop appears to pull me over and give me a ticket.  I’m sure it is a popular stake-out place.

So now I have a $175 ticket and my evening is shot to hell.   Had I stayed home I would have had a great evening and no ticket. Being nice gets you nothing so who do I bother?

I plan on going to court and hoping the judge will have mercy for my situation.  At least it is something interesting to do.  I don’t care about the money but it will be a blotch on my rather good driving record plus I feel like some kind of criminal.

The moral here is:

Never help anyone.
There’s no such thing as Karma.