I got my power back!

fratlstFor the last two months the young guy occupying the house next door has been sponging electricity off me using an extension cord.  He gave me $40 which was more than enough to cover the amount of energy used but it still bothered me to no end.

It wasn’t the money that bothered me it was the fact that he was using up all the energy generated by my solar panels.  They make about 2 KWh a day and he was using approximately 4 KWh.  Ever since getting into solar power I have become very conscious about my energy usage.  I’ve cut down all possible usage points by switching to CFL or LED bulbs and using timers on other equipment to cut back on vampire power.

The guy finally moved out so I very much enjoyed unplugging the extension cord, winding it up and leaving it at the front door.  The house still has no power and to prevent the next person from initiating power stealage I disabled the outlet by my front door.  Even if somebody comes and asks to borrow power there’s no way I am going to do it.  I’m done with that.

It feels good to be free at last!