Put up my Christmas Tree anyway

2xmstrI wasn’t going to do it because I’ve virtually lost the spirit of Christmas and nobody would even see it except for me but I really want to feel something before the season is over.

I considered buying a real tree because the smell is so wonderful but I don’t think I have the energy to deal with it.  I have a pretty good artificial tree so I pulled it out and set it up.  It still looks pretty good.

I thought about not putting any lights on it.  The lights represent commercialism but the corner is pretty dark.  I decided to go ahead with the LED lights.

I like they colors of the LED bulbs but they lack the soul that the tiny filament bulbs have.  I also like the way they use so little power.

2ornmnt I got out my favorite ornaments.  They are old-fashioned glass ornaments from the 50s that belonged to my parents.  They are ancient and tarnished.  Some have little color left on them but they mean the world to me.  They remind me of a time when I was happy.

I threw out all the newer ornaments that people had given to me over the years.  It was a little hard because they are supposed to remind you of people who care for you but I’m not sure there was a lot of care involved.  Not the kind I need anyway.

On the top of the tree I put my TARDIS ornament I made last year.  A star is customary.  Some people use angels for some reason but everyone knows it’s about the star.  I prefer the TARDIS.  Too bad it is just paper and doesn’t light up but it’s fine with me.

This may be my last Christmas so I think I should at least try.  I’m glad I set it up.  At least I’m trying.




One thought on “Put up my Christmas Tree anyway

  1. Adrienne

    I’m so glad you put it up! That’s the worst mistake single people make. They stop doing things with the excuse of “it’s just me”, and then every day becomes the same, and the grinding triviality of life eats away even harder! It’s lovely that you still have the old ornaments. The only things I add to my old ornament collection are new strands of bubble lights. Eventually the old ones lose their bubble!
    I adore the Tardis tutorial!!

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