School Shooting in Newton Connecticut

cnctshtingIt’s hard to avoid hearing about the shooting spree in a Newton, Connecticut elementary school.  Not much is known at this time but you’re going to hear about it constantly.

Adam Lanza was pissed off and went to Sandy Hook Elementary School and took out a few rooms of kids.   He then killed himself.  That’s about it.

Now it’s time for the media to be dramatic and sensationalistic.  Asking and answering the stupidest questions that make your eyes roll.  I like it when they ask a witness what the shooting sounded like.  DUH!  It sounded like gunshots!

Oy.  This kind of thing is only going to become more common as men who are lonely and angry seek revenge on society.  Personally I feel almost nothing about this.  Maybe it has become boring.  Maybe it is proof that my soul has completely leaked away.  I’m going to change the channel and watch MASH.

Gun control isn’t the answer.  High security isn’t the answer.  The solution here is to help the lonely guys.  They need love too.